Who We Are

Who We Are

We have accumulated almost 80 years of experience in Real Estate Management and Acquisition, Architecture, and Project Management. This experience has been acquired at both national and international levels.

We share an aspiration to aid others to experience the pleasure of living in Italy, with special emphasis on the Italian North-West, Piemonte, Liguria and Lombardia. We also monitor other project opportunities through our interests in protecting, developing and re-energising the best of the projects that we encounter.

Craig Davis

Architect & Project Manager

Craig is a British national. He has spent his professional life travelling the world, supporting corporate and technical development. His introduction to Italy dates from 2001 with the acquisition of his first Italian property.

Philip Van den Broecke

Independent Real Estate Broker

Philip is a Belgian national. He has many years of knowledge and specific interest in Italy. He was a professional real estate broker for over 40 years. He specialised in investment-led real estate for the last 15 years of his professional career.